• Laura Hujanen

Birch Drop

Leó Ólafsson created this drink for a cocktail competition in Iceland. It is a celebration of the Nordic birch tree, which is used in many ways in the drink. The leafs are infused into the spirit and the sap cooked into a syrup.

– My initial thought was to combine a lemon drop and a whiskey sour, Ólafsson tells.

Birch Drop

3 cl birch schnapps

2 cl triple sec

3 cl lemon juice

3 cl birch syrup

egg white

Glassware: On the rocks

Method: dry shake & shake

Garnish: lemon peel & birch leaf

How to make:

Mix all ingredients in shaker. Close the lid and dry shake. Add ice and shake until cold. Double strain into a chilled glass, add ice and garnish.




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