• Laura Hujanen

Daffodill Sprout

“Daffodill Sprout” combines the traditional Danish Easter ingredients of egg and mustard (dirty eggs) with the light dill aquavit and the return of spring in the form of a tarragon sprig.

Daffodil Sprout

4 cl black tea infused dill aquavit (recipe below)

3 cl lemon juice

2 cl acacia honey

1 cl dry chocolate spirit

1/2 bar spoon dijon mustard

Egg white

Dry shake all ingredients. Shake with ice. Serve over ice cubes in an egg shaped glass. Garnish with a sprig of tarragon.

Black tea infused dill aquavit

Simply add some black tea to the dill aquavit and let it infuse for at least half an hour before filtering out the tea leafs.

Recipe by Thomas Klem Andersen