• Laura Hujanen

Fulla För Kärlekens Skull

Robin Nockmar is a bartender from Norrköping, Sweden. His drink Fulla För Kärlekens Skull features local gin, lingonberry and cherry. This sweet and sour drink is a perfect treat for dark evenings in late autumn.

Robin's drink is named after a song by the group Eldkvarn.

– They put Norrköping on the map with their music.

The name of the song and the drink translates "Drunk for the sake of love" and it is a tribute to those moments when you look back in life with joy. Robin created this drink when he was planning to move back to his home town Norrköping from Stockholm.

– I listened to this song, which is about how a guy leaves Norrköping and goes to these beautiful cities, and cries because he is going to miss home. And I was feeling a little bit like that, because I was a little bit homesick. This is a Nordic drink designed with Norrköping in my mind.

For Robin, this is a drink that represents the Nordic taste culture.

– It contains Nordic inclusions that both feel clean and simple but if you use them correctly, something complex and magical occurs.

Fulla För Kärlekens Skull

4cl Swedish gin

2cl cherry liqueur

3cl freshly squeezed lime juice

2cl lingonberry syrup (recipe below)

2 dashes orange bitters

2cl eggwhite

Glass: Nick and Nora

Method: Shake

Garnish: sour cherry

How to make: Mix all ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Dry shake. Add ice and shake until cold. Pour through a double sieve into a chilled glass and garnish.

Lingonberry syrup

1liter water

1kg sugar

1kg lingonberry

Bring the mixture to boil, cool down and strain. Bottle and store in fridge.




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