• Laura Hujanen

Lemon&Dill schnapps

Drinking schnapps like akvavit or vodka in crayfish parties is a Nordic tradition. Strong spirits aren't the only option though. Home made Lemon&Dill schnapps is a lighter alternative full of flavour.

Lemon&Dill schnapps

10-15 servings of 40ml

250ml gin

250ml lemon juice (5-7 lemons)

peel of 5 lemons

bunch of crown dill (5-7 branches)

around 100ml simple syrup (1 part sugar, 1 part boiling water)

Glassware: shot glass

Method: pre batch

Garnish: -

How to make:

Peel the skins of 5 lemons. Juice the lemons until you have 250ml of juice. Mix together lemon juice, lemon peel, gin and crown dill in a clean mason jar. Let infuse for 3-5 days in fridge.

Filter out the lemon peel and dill. Add simple syrup to taste: the schnapps should be sour but sweet. Pour into a clean bottle and store in fridge.

Serve chilled as a shot.

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