• Laura Hujanen

Light vermouth & Lemongrass

This elegant and minimalistic drink combines the flavours of vermouth and lemongrass. It was created by Christian Tang, a bartender based in Copenhagen.

Christian Tang is a wizard with flavours. In his bar Kyros&Co he creates cocktails that explore each ingredient in a creative way. Even though the ingredients in this drink are not local, the minimalistic approach and the attention to details make it a great representation of Nordic drinks.

Light Vermouth & Lemongrass

5 cl vermouth bianco

5 cl lemongrass cordial (recipe below)

Glass: water glass

Method: stir

Garnish: bay leaf

How to: Measure ingredients into a stirring glass. Add ice and stir until cold. Strain into a water glass and garnish.

Lemongrass cordial

20g dried lemongrass

200ml water

100g sugar

3g citric acid

Add water to pot, reach a high simmer. Add lemongrass, acids and sugar, leave to cool down in a fridge overnight. Strain through a sieve. Keeps 2 weeks.




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