• Laura Hujanen

May Day Mead

Mead - or sima as we call it in Finnish - is the classic beverage enjoyed on May Day in Finland. This twist of the classic utilizes very light beer, which helps develop excellent level of acidity in the drink. Mead is best served about one week after beginning the prep.

May Day Mead

8 portions

1 l boiling water

1 l cold water

100 g brown sugar

100 g white sugar

zest of one lemon

flesh of one lemon

pinch of salt

half spice measure of fresh yeast (about the size of a pea)

1 dl light beer (abv 2.8)

For bottling:

organic raisins


sanitized glass bottles

Add zest and flesh of lemon and sugars into the boiling water and mix until all sugar has dissolved. Add cold water and light beer, stir lightly and take small portion of the mixture into a separate container. Mix the yeast to the separate portion and pour back to the original container.

Cover the container with cling film or tight lid and leave to ferment in room temperature for 2 days.

When mead is ready to be bottled, measure half teaspoon of sugar in each bottle. Pour mead into the bottles, add couple of raisins to each bottle and close the lids tightly. Leave to room temperature for one day. Transfer to fridge and store there until ready to be served, at least for 2 days. Serve cold.




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