• Laura Hujanen

Noche de Rabanos

Nordic people have a very strong longing for travelling. Whether it is because of the Viking roots we have or simply due to the harsh cold winters, no one knows. The wanderlust has affected also the Nordic drinks: we yearn for exotic flavours.

Mezcal might not be the most obvious candidate as a base spirit for a Nordic drink, but when you think about it, its smoky character has similar notes as the traditional smoked sauna or bonfires lit around the Nordics during the summer time. Jami Järvinen, a Finnish bartender and bar owner, has paired it with tangy red currant and mellow white chocolate. The combination has proved to be a huge crowd pleaser and it is now listed as a house classic in his bar Chihuahua Julep. It also won the title of the best Signature Cocktail in Finland in 2018 in the Bartenders’ Choice Awards.

Noche de Rabanos

2 cl white chocolate infused cenizo mezcal (recipe below)

2 cl cloudberry & elderflower liqueur

10 cl cranberry cordial (recipe below)

1 cl lemon juice

1 dash of Spanish bitters

Glassware: Winchester Goblet

Method: Shake

Garnish: Redcurrants

How to make: Shake, strain, garnish, smile.

White chocolate mezcal

120 g white chocolate

7 dl mezcal

Break down the chocolate in pieces and spread onto a baking paper. Toast the white chocolate on 140 to 160 degrees celsius depending on your oven. Time frame is 5 to 10 minutes. You will smell when it is ready: it needs to smell caramelized, not burned. When toasted, mix with the mezcal in sterilized container and let infuse with for about 5 days in room temperature. Stir occasionally. After 5 days put it into fridge and wait until next day. Fat gets solid. Strain through a cheesecloth, bottle and store in a fridge.

Cranberry Cordial

400g of frozen cranberry

220g of sugar

5 dl of water

pinch of salt and citric acid if you have

Mix all the ingredients in a pan. Warm it up, do not boil. When berries are melted, simmer for 10 minutes. Strain and smash through a sieve. Bottle and store in a fridge.




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