• Laura Hujanen


Nordic bartenders are inspired by their surroundings again and again. Gabriel Valdés was part of the team that designed a drink menu based on the different landscapes in Sweden for Pharmarium in Stockholm.

The west coast of Sweden and its heavy summer rains have inspired this drink called Rainmaker.

– We wanted to capture the taste of rain. And we did it really well with some golden beetroot juice and akvavit from the west coast, adding some vodka for a bit of a kick, and then birch smoked cotton candy for the visual representation of a thundercloud, Valdés tells.


3,5 cl vodka

1,5 cl akvavit

3 cl Premix *

Glass: Coupe

Method: Stir

Garnish: Cotton candy aromatized with smoke

How to make: Measure all ingredients into a stirring glass. Add ice and stir until cold. Pour into a chilled glass and garnish.


yellow beetroot juice

cumin infused dry vermouth


Mix equal parts of all ingredients and bottle. Store in fridge.

– Especially the people who come from that area, they find the drink to be very funny.




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