• Laura Hujanen

The Pearl of Archipelago

Water is an element that is always present in the Nordics. Whether it is the endless shorelines of Norway, the thousand lakes of Finland or the countless islands of the Baltic sea, water and its surroundings inspire Nordic bartenders. Seashore is also the natural habitat of seabuckthorn berry, which is the pearl of archipelago and hero ingredient in this Nordic drink .

Combining clean, bright flavours was the intention of Helsinki based bartender Matias Pietarinen when designing this drink. This super dry and flavourful drink is packed with the autumn berries of the Nordics.

The Pearl of Archipelago

1,5 cl Navy strength gin

0,5 cl Sea Buckthorn & Gin Liqueur

2 cl Bianco vermouth

2,5 cl Supasawa 25 ml

1,5 cl Rowanberry syrup

2 dash Spanish Bitter

1 dash Salt solution (10%)

Glass: Nick and Nora

Method: Shake

Garnish: Seabuckthorn berries

How to make: Mix all ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Add ice and shake until cold. Pour through a double sieve into a chilled glass and garnish.




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